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About my art

My art is about love, the inner turmoil of feelings expressed through movements, gestures and body parts. The main focus on each artwork is the posture and limbs that can give symbolical birth to the emotion that flutters underneath more than any other; but it is also in the absence of some parts that sentiment can rise to the surface.

In Hold Me, arms are the most important features, both the ones that hold strongly and reassuringly and the ones missing, which represent the need to seek solace in the beloved, to be embraced more than anything else, even embrace in return. 

In some of my creations you will see heads, but never too detailed because in long-time feelings, affection and tenderness rationality can play a part (Marriage). However, love can be a force of passion and instinct, out of reach and control. In order to represent its overwhelming nature, heads may be missing, leaving all the attention to the tumult of the heart and flesh (Defeated by Love).

Moving through ideal bodies and shapes, my art has always been and will always be inspired by classical and neoclassical statuary.

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